Room With A View

By NEMROD Sailing

On passage the best place to sit and relax is anywhere that gives you a good view. Being able to keep an eye on the ocean ahead and to the sides is fundamental to enjoying the passage. Well our boat is quite small and does not have a forward facing navigation station. So how can I put one in without making a mess of the layout. Also something that does not get in the way while at anchor or in port.

On the Starboard side where Alison is sitting. Will not get in the way of the table top.

I purchased a seat, pedestal and base support. Looking under the salon seat cushion there was a box housing the manual bilge pump plumbing. Room to mount the base (support) plate here.

Make up a few blocks and trim the base plate.

Trim and drill the cabinetry. Now this is the point of no return. Last thing we boat owners want to do is trash our boats. Cutting, drilling and screwing into the fixed cabinetry requires the measure three times and cut, drill, screw once.

Time to mount the seat.

All I need is someone to test it out. Not many people around for me to encourage a test run. Could be dangerous so I need to remain uninvolved. As the main skipper that is always important.

Wow found this girl out the back wandering around.

On passage this seat is great fun. We can sit at the helm or inside the salon relax chat and keep a good watch.

Next task is to mount the tablet and mobile phone on the self to the right.