Raising The Standard

By NEMROD Sailing
Series - Boat Related Things.
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Sitting in the salon while on passage is a popular activity. The salon cushions were just that little bit too low. I could see out but felt the need to tilt my head slightly and stretch my neck to get the best view. Lets try raising the cushions 50mm (2″), it was worth a try. Any higher and the backrest cushions would raise up above the wooden furniture. This might look a little strange. Yes David, above images corner joint showing me up here.

I kept my eyes open for some scrap timber. Moored up stern to in Gaios, Paxos we were enjoying a restful cool drink when Alison jumped to life. “Look there in the bin, that timber could do for the cushion test” Sure enough some short lengths of, what I think was, teak sticking out from the top of the bin. It was really nice to cut and had lovely rounded edges.

On a side note: Alison’s reaction to the find was very amusing. My ideas for alterations are usually meet with a less than enthusiastic response. It tickled my fancy quite a lot but I tried hard not let it show. Off to the bin I wandered.

To start with we just placed the wooden packers under the starboard (right) seat cushions to get a feel for the test height. Also testing how our legs went under the table.

Alison testing out the new raised starboard (right) cushion. Well, it just made the view that much better and relaxing. You can just make out the packers in the image below.

The test stayed in place for a few months. The new folding table will be made from a timber that matches the boat builders colour. I will get some extra for odd jobs like the cushion raisers.

Initially I had an idea to hinge the base cushions. Making access to storage a little easier. In the image below you can see the hinged support structures. The foam in the cushion was just a little too strong when I tried lifting the cushion and compressing the foam against the backrest, even with the backrest cushion removed. These stayed in place and support the rear of the cushion well.

Once oiled with Danish Oil the additions matched quite well.

Cushions backrests are higher but I feel still look the part.

Again Alison making the best of the raised seating position! The new relative table height is a bonus for me as I like the table tucked in down low when eating.

I still have the thought of a forward facing chair with backrest. Just can’t seem to come up with the best solution.